Enforcement Services and Parking

Municipal Enforcement Services - Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Parking Enforcement -  Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Evenings and Weekend:  Parking is free evenings and weekends in all municipal parking lots, and also at on-street parking meters.

A Message from our Friends at the Timmins & District Humane Society 

Hot Dogs: Be Safe This Summer 

Summer is coming (hopefully) and it's time to make sure our beloved pets are safe when the temperature finally rises. Just like in the colder months, pet guardians need to ensure the health and safety of their animals. 

1. Do NOT leave your pet in a vehicle during summer months. Even if it is parked in the shade. Even if the windows are open. Even if there is air conditioning. Doing so could result in provincial animal welfare intervention and related offences. 

2. Make sure they always have access to fresh water, so they can stay hydrated. 

3. Check the pavement! Under the hot sun, pavement can become unbearable for animals to walk on and cause injury to their feet. 

4. Do NOT shave your double coated dog - their fur acts as insulation and keeps them cool in the summer as it does warm in the winter. 

5. Play inside if it is too hot out - try some mental stimulation games to keep them occupied! 

The City of Timmins Enforcement Services Department is responsible for By-Law enforcement throughout the City of Timmins. Staff provide both proactive and reactive service by investigating complaints and responding to the concerns of residents who have contacted the City of Timmins regarding specific issues and, as necessary, patrolling the city to ensure general compliance of City By-Laws.

The Enforcement Services staff investigate complaints related to municipal by-laws including parking, property standards, zoning, snow removal and placement, fences, noise and most other regulatory by-laws.

All requests for By-Law Enforcement are handled through Service Timmins. Please call 705-264-1331 or click HERE to submit an online service request if you have a By-Law Enforcement matter.


Cleaning and Clearing of Land

Before you start your outdoor maintenance or beautification projects, consult City of Timmins By-Law 2008-6599 Cleaning and Clearing of Land to make sure they comply.

Fencing / Yard Enclosures

Thinking about putting up a new fence or fixing an old one? Be sure to read City of Timmins By-Law 2011-7128 Fence.


Are you considering putting up a security camera for your property? Read City of Timmins By-Law 2004-6036 Fortification before putting anything up.