Zoning By-Law

What is the Zoning By-Law?

The Zoning By-Law is a legal document that regulates the use of land, applies performance standards such as setbacks, lot sizes and height, sets general provisions such as parking requirements, permitted ancillary uses, and provisions applying to non-conforming buildings and includes bylaw definitions. The Zoning By-Law regulates development and uses on all lands within the City of Timmins. The Zoning By-Law and amendments to the By-Law are applied by authority under Section 34 of the Planning Act.

What is the purpose of a Zoning By-Law?

The Zoning By-Law implements the goals and policies as outlined in the City of Timmins Official Plan. Zoning standards and associated mapping separates lands into distinct classifications such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and open space. Within each zone category standards are further outlined to address such matters as types of permitted uses, appropriate lot size and setbacks of buildings.

Please complete the preconsultation form and submit it to Planning staff prior to applying for a zoning by-law amendment.

Please click to view Zoning By-Law 2011-7100, as amended, excluding the schedules below.

The following schedules to the Zoning By-Law 2011-7100 are available for download: