Maintenance and Repair

Road Repairs

Hot mix asphalt pavement patching is carried during the summer and fall seasons with cold mix pothole patching placed in spring and winter. Gravel roads are graded and resurfaced on an as required basis, and each spring the Public Works Department applies dust suppressant on its rural gravel roads.

Sidewalk and Curb Repairs

Sidewalk repairs and curb repairs each year are based on needs identified by inspection patrols. An annual inspection is carried out to identify trip hazards. Any hazards greater the 2 cm is painted with orange paint and put on a list to be ground down.

Bridge Maintenance

Municipal bridges requiring minor repairs as identified by patrols or Engineering inspections are undertaken by Public Works. Major work is contracted out according to the City’s tendering and/or proposal policy.


Gravel lane-ways are graded one to two times a year as required and brushing of over grown shrubs takes place late summer and into the fall.