Drinking Water Source Protection Program

The Ministry of the Environment, under the Clean Water Act, 2006, has mandated that the “Drinking Water Source Protection Program” be implemented across Ontario to protect municipal drinking water sources. A multi-stakeholder Source Protection Committee was formed to develop a “Source Protection Plan” to protect the City of Timmins’ drinking water source - the Mattagami River. The City of Timmins and the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority are working in partnership to co-ordinate the implementation of the “Plan”.

To learn more about the Drinking Water Source Protection program or the Source Protection Plan, visit the Conservation Authority’s Drinking Water Source Protection website at www.dwsp.ca.

Dive into our drinking water and learn more about source to tap with the City of Timmins' "Source to Tap Drinking Water" series. This 3-part video series will trace our drinking water from its source to your glass and show us how to help protect the water that we use every day.