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Careers with the Timmins Fire Department


Fire staffCity of Timmins Fire Department is in need of people with a strong desire to help others and people with courage and dedication to the work they do.

Because the position of Volunteer Firefighter is so important, we make sure all of our volunteer firefighters are expertly trained and properly equipped.

So if you want to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging opportunity, being a Volunteer Firefighter may be the opportunity for you. 

The City of Timmins Fire Department operates six (6) Volunteer Fire Stations strategically placed throughout the City.  As a member of this dedicated team, you will respond to firefighting and rescue operations, operate and maintain fire apparatus and equipment, and participate in public relations and education.

Application packages are available on the City Website at

All applications are to be submitted by email only.

[email protected]

Phone: 705-360-2628

Current Postings

Visit the City of Timmins website for career opportunities.

Career Force

The city of Timmins currently employs 28 full time firefighters for suppression. In a addition to the firefighters, there is also an administration branch of the department including: Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Office Manager, Fire Prevention Officers, and Training Officers. These men and women are based out of the Timmins Fire Department, located at 133 Cedar Street South.


In conjunction with the career force, the Timmins Fire Department also utilizes many volunteers. There are 6 volunteer forces in total:

  • Ward 1 (Mountjoy)
  • Ward 2 (South Porcupine) 
  • Ward 3 (Schumacher)
  • Ward 4 (Whitney)
  • Ward 4C (Connaught) 
  • Ward 5 (Timmins)