Detour Routes

Segment 5 of the Connecting Link Project will see road improvements along Algonquin Blvd. West between Mattagami Blvd. South and Theriault Blvd. This is the first downtown segment. The work will be extensive and detours are necessary to complete work and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Motorists and cyclists will be re-routed to Wilson Ave. via Mattagami Blvd. South (to the west) and Cameron St. (to the east). Temporary traffic lights will be installed at Wilson Ave. and Cameron St.

During Stage 2 and 3 of construction, vehicles and cyclists will be re-routed between Wilson Ave. and Cameron St.

Detour along Wilson Ave.

During Stage 4 of construction, closures will affect the intersection at Theriault Blvd. The detour along Wilson Ave. will extend to Rea St. South.

Detour along Wilson Ave.

Commercial trucks will be detoured via Laforest Rd. and connect to Hwy. 655 beginning the week of April 12, 2021.

A temporary speed limit reduction has been approved by City Council effective April 28, 2021 along Airport Rd. from Laforest Rd. approximately 1.25 kilometres south. The speed limit will be reduced to 50 km/h.  Following completion of Connecting Link construction, the speed limit will return to 70 km/h. Signs will be in place advising motorists.

Commercial truck detour