Consider Timmins Transit

Using public transportation is a great option while navigating roads with construction and detours. It helps reduce road and traffic congestion, putting less vehicles on the road and helping with the flow of traffic through busy detour routes.

If using a Timmins Transit route that travels along the Connecting Link construction zone, please add 15-30 minutes extra to your travel to allow for delays. Track your bus on Timmins Transit Tracker.

During construction along Algonquin Blvd. West as vehicles are detoured along Wilson Ave., the following stops will not be serviced by Timmins Transit:

1711 - Morandin Dry Cleaners on routes 37 and 6

1697 - Speedy Auto Glass and Participark on routes 38 and 7

Remember, masks are mandatory while riding the bus. Stay safe and thank you for using Timmins Transit.