Please review the criteria below and submit your flag-raising request using the form below.

Non-profit or charitable organizations may request for the City of Timmins to fly the following flags on our courtesy flag poles:

  • Flags of nations recognized by the Government of Canada on a country's national days or on the anniversary of a special occasion; or
  • Flags of non-profit or charitable organizations

Please note:

  • Upon request, the flags of nations may be flown once within the calendar year for either a country's national day or on the anniversary of a special occasion
  • Requests to use the courtesy flagpole will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis
  • Your flag-raising request should be received three to four weeks in advance of the request date
  • Organizations with approved flag-raising requests are required to provide a flag with metal grommets along the vertical section (staff or hoist) of the flag
  • The flag must be delivered to City Hall one week in advance of the flag-raising date

Requests will not be approved for

  • Political parties or organizations
  • Religious organizations or in celebration of religious events
  • Commercial entities or in celebration of corporate events
  • Intent that is contrary to City policies and bylaws
  • Organizations requesting the flag-raising that espouse discrimination, hatred, violence or racism
  • Flags of nations that have already flown on a courtesy flag pole within the same calendar year

Required information

  • Official letterhead
  • Proposed date and time of flag-raising ceremony
  • Purpose of flag-raising
  • Ceremony details (if a ceremony is required)
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