Detour Routes

Segment 6 of the Connecting Link Project will see road improvements along Algonquin Blvd. West between Theriault Blvd. and Mountjoy St. This is the second downtown segment. The work will be extensive and detours are necessary to complete work and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

At the start of construction, access to the Mountjoy St. intersection will be maintained. Two detour routes will be available extending north and south from Algonquin Blvd. W. Vehicles and cyclists can bypass construction heading north along Theriault Blvd. to Vimy Ave. proceeding to Mountjoy St. N. The southern detour route runs from Cameron St. S. to Commercial Ave. proceeding to Mountjoy St. S.

A temporary 4-way stop will be added at the intersection of Theriault Blvd. and Vimy Ave. and a temporary 3-way stop will be added at the intersection of Vimy Ave. and Mountjoy St. N.

Temporary traffic lights will be installed along the southerly route on Cameron St. S. at Wilson Ave. and Commercial Ave. and on Commercial Ave. at Mountjoy S.

Detour Route 1

Once work encroaches on the west side of the Mountjoy St. intersection in Stage 2, the Mountjoy St. intersection will be closed and vehicles will be further diverted via Fifth St. and Elm St. N. and Third Ave. and Elm St. S.


Commercial Motor Vehicles will be using the familiar truck detour along Shirley St. to Lafleur Dr. and onto Laforest Rd. before reaching Hwy. 655. Council has approved a temporary speed limit reduction along the truck detour on Airport Rd. The posted speed will be 50 km/h from Laforest Rd. through the area of the Kraft Creek Bridge (approximately 1.25 km's).

truck detour

Access to all businesses and services located in the stretch between Theriault Blvd. and Mountjoy St. will be maintained. Most have existing entry from secondary roads like Waterloo Rd., Rea St. N. or S., Preston St. or Wilcox St.  For businesses without a second entrance, entry will be accessed via temporary service roads maintained by the contractor. Signage will be in place directly traffic.