Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The City of Timmins is committed to advancing climate change adaptation planning across municipal departments and throughout our community. We are focused on increasing knowledge and awareness of climate change, impacts, and adaptation strategies to improve our resilience to climate change. 

The City of Timmins recognizes the impacts and opportunities of climate change on our community and the Corporation. The City has taken steps to create and foster a more sustainable culture across our community and Corporation through climate change mitigation planning, climate change risk and vulnerability assessments, waste diversion programs and as a Bee City.

This Plan was developed with support and guidance from ICLEI Canada through a collaborative process involving municipal staff and community stakeholders. The purpose of this Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Plan) is to provide the Corporation of the City of Timmins and the community with clear goals and actions to reduce the effects of climate change and improve resilience. We have identified 10 goals with 26 supporting actions to proactively address climate change.

Becoming a climate resilient and sustainable community is a collaborative effort. We will be engaging the community and developing partnerships across the community to help implement this Plan.

Download the Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan