City Splash Pads

Cool off every summer at one of the City's community splash pads.  Splash pads are unsupervised water play areas with a variety of fun and interactive water features and spray jets. Children must remain supervised at all times while visiting the splash pad.

Splash pads are seasonal and usually open late May or early June and close in September. Public notice of splash pad openings will be provided on the City website and social media pages.

Hollinger Park Splash Pad

Located at Hollinger Park, the large splash pad features a rubberized, anti-slip pad and has nearby parking and picnic facilities.

White Waterfront Conservation Area

The White Waterfront splash pad was rejuvenated in 2022 to feature a rubberized, anti-slip surface and mining theme. Parking, playground, and picnic facilities are nearby as well as the White Waterfront Beach, which is also unsupervised.