City Budget 2024

The City of Timmins is preparing the 2024 municipal budget for City Council's approval.

Property taxes are an important revenue for the City. When combined with program fees, user fees, facility rentals, and additional funding sources, they make up the available money (revenue) coming into the City that is then spent on the services, infrastructure, programs, and projects that you rely on daily.

The City also looks at long-term planning and investment to meet the needs of the community and encourage future growth. All of this is summarized in the annual municipal budget, an itemized plan for the revenue coming in and the expenditures going out.

As a resident, the budget impacts you every single day.

Budget Engagement

  • Survey Results  The City's Municipal Budget Survey was open from October 1 - 31, 2023.  Survey results are included in the 2024 Council Budget Package.




How to Read your Tax Bill

We've created a glossary of terms and definitions for items included on your Tax Bill, like what's included in Special Charges/Credits. Or, what your Roll No. is and where to find your municipal address. 

DOWNLOAD (available as a PDF to print)



Budget Process