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The Public Works Department provides the required maintenance of all roads, sidewalks, lanes, municipal parking lots, ditches, bridges, street signs, line painting, etc. within the geographical boundaries of the City of Timmins with the exception of Hwy. 101 and Hwy. 655, which are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The MTO maintains the provincial highways east of the railroad crossing in Porcupine and west of Kamiskotia Rd.

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When it Snows:

The City of Timmins' winter road and sidewalk maintenance is conducted in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards of Ontario. Plowing begins when there is an accumulation of five centimetres or two inches of snow on major arterial and collector roads. Road classification is based on average daily traffic and posted speed limits. For more information on road classification in Timmins, see our updated Minimum Maintenance Standards presentation prepared by our Public Works Department. 

Road plowing priorities and standards during normal winter conditions are: 

  1. Major arterial and collector roads (Class 2)
  2. Secondary collector roads and transit routes (Class 3)
  3. Residential, commercial areas, and minor hard-surfaced rural roads (Class 4 and 5)