Recreational Trails and Conservation Areas

Whether you are walking or cycling, the City’s 45 km recreational trails system reaches out to the four corners of the community and connects the major conservation areas with many points in between. Rest areas, scenic overlooks and interpretive signs are a few of the system’s features. Detailed maps and information brochures are available at the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority (MRCA) office at Gillies Lake.

For more information on the area's trail system including route maps and highlights, visit:

Trails Maintained by the City of Timmins:

Terry Fox Trail

This trail follows an old rail bed that once connected downtown Timmins with local sawmills. Popular with walkers and cyclists, the trail ends at the river waterfront, part of the Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area that was set aside following the disastrous Town Creek flood of 1960.

Airport Road Multi-use Trail

This multi-use trail runs along Airport Rd. from Theriault Blvd. to Riverpark Rd. and connects walkers and cyclists with several community schools and the MRCA's Bridge to Bridge Trail.


Trails Maintained by the MRCA:

Bridge to Bridge Trail

This trail follows along both banks of the Mattagami River between Algonquin Blvd. and Lafleur Dr. It connects to the Waterfront Trail at the Mattagami boat launch and the Scout Rock Trail through Denise Park. Total length: 7 km.

Tamarack Nature Trail

This self-guided interpretive trail has been designed to introduce the conservation area visitor to some of the unique plants and animals of the northern environment. Located along the trail are fifteen interpretive stations whose numbers correspond to those in the available booklet. Each station acts as a rest spot where you will be able to learn more about the natural and human history of the area while experiencing some of the sights, sounds and smells of the forest around you. Total length: 1 km.

Scout Rock Trail

This residential trail joins up with the Gillies Lake Promenade and Golden Springs Trail at the corner of Hwy. 655 and Ross Ave. View the city from Scout Rock and learn more about the interesting and rare plants along the trail that are not usually found this far north. Total length: 4 km.

Golden Springs Trail

Named fort he natural springs located south of Hersey Lake Conservation Area, this trail links the Gillies Lake Promenade with Hersey Lake. There are several lookouts, rest areas and boardwalks along it's length. Total length: 11.5 km.

Gillies Lake Promenade 

The Gillies Lake Promenade is arguably the most popular recreation trail in the community. It links the community to the Scout Rock, Golden Springs, and Lion's Walk Trails. The area has parking, a public beach and picnic facilities. Total length: 2.5 km

Lion's Walk

This trail runs between the Gillies Lake Promenade and the Rotary Trail in Schumacher through the McIntyre Park. The trail is rich in history that includes the development of the Porcupine Camp and features the McIntyre headframe, Little Pearl Lake, and the rejuvenated McIntyre Park with picnic facilities and parking. Total length: 2 km.

Rotary Trail

This trail connects Schumacher with South Porcupine and features many natural and historic sights. It uses sections of the Porcupine Ski Runners trail system. Total length: 8.5 km.

Bart Thompson Trail

This trail encompasses the shoreline of Porcupine Lake and an area north of Porcupine and South Porcupine. Total length: 10  km.


Conservation Areas:

Hersey Lake Conservation Area

Situated in the beautiful jack pine forests just north of Timmins, the Hersey Lake Conservation Area is 180 hectares of lakes, trails and scenic lookouts. Picnic areas, nature trails and an unsupervised swimming beach are a few of the features this area has to offer. The conservation area is located 5 km north of Timmins on Highway 655.

Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area

The removal of many residences and businesses from the floodplain along the Mattagami River in the early 70s allowed the Authority to develop this 7-hectare greenspace. Picnic facilities, washrooms and plenty of parking make this a popular destination if you want to enjoy the shores of the Mattagami River.

White Waterfront Conservation Area

Located at the west end of Porcupine Lake, this area offers a beautiful setting to enjoy the area’s wildlife or to have a scenic picnic. It also features a boat launch, a children’s playground and much more. Access is via the east end of either Bruce Avenue or Bloor Avenue in South Porcupine.

Gillies Lake Conservation Area

This conservation area features a 2.5 km lit walking trail around a 20 hectare lake in the heart of the City. There is a public supervised swimming area, plenty of parking, picnic areas and public washrooms. It can be accessed from Park Road off of Algonquin Blvd. or from Highway 655.