Golden Manor Redevelopment Project

Location: Jubilee Ave. and Theriault Blvd.
Architect: Montgomery Sisam
Construction: Spring 2022
Occupancy: Summer 2024
Status: Design and Development Phase

Project Details

Application was made to the Ministry in June 2020 to build a new 192-bed Home to replace the current 177-bed facility. The new building will be constructed in the open space at the corner of Jubilee Ave. and Theriault Blvd. to the northwest of the current site.

After the opening of the new facility, the existing building will be repurposed to aid in the development of a Campus of Care. A “campus of care” model provides seniors a range of housing options as they age. The location of the new and existing buildings are ideally situated to achieve this goal of having long-term care, assisted living, and affordable housing all centrally located around common pathways, gardens, and courtyards.

The Golden Manor Redevelopment project is part of the Ontario government’s commitment to adding 30,000 new beds across the province over the next decade. Adding long-term care capacity will increase access to long-term care, reduce waitlists and ease hospital crowding issues.

Once the project is complete and meets all applicable conditions, the Ministry of Long-Term Care (MOLTC) will provide the City with a Construction Funding Subsidy (CFS), a per diem based on per bed per day, paid over 25 years to assist with paying down the cost to rebuild.

The redevelopment of the Golden Manor is a significant capital project for The City of Timmins. Throughout consultation with numerous agencies, community partners, and stakeholders, the focus has been on developing a larger facility that meets residents’ needs, improves accessibility, and is aligned with any future plans to redevelop the surrounding area to become a true “campus of care.”

Current Schematic Drawings:

Golden Manor 3D

Site Plan

Ground floor plan

Golden Manor