Dangerous Dog Appeal Commitee

The Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee is a quasi-judicial tribunal made up of members appointed to the Committee of Adjustment. The eight (8) citizen members are chosen by council for a four year term.

The role of the Committee is to hear all evidence and information concerning dangerous dog appeals that are received from dog owners who have been served an order from the Animal Control Service Provider that classifies their dog as either dangerous or potentially dangerous and who are not satisfied with the terms or conditions of the order. By-law 2021-8593 outlines the conditions under which a dog can be classified as dangerous or potentially dangerous. 

A a dog owner who has been served with a dangerous dog notice who is not satisfied with the terms or conditions of the order can make an appeal to the Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee by sending notice of appeal within three (3) days after being served. The Appeal Form is directly attached to the dangerous dog notice. 

Dangerous Dog Appeal Committee meetings are held at City Hall and are open to the public. During the meeting, both the City and the appellant (dog owner) will have an opportunity to present their case and evidence. Final decision is made by Committee members and notice of decision is provided with fifteen (15) days of the hearing.