Frequently Asked Questions

When can interments take place at local cemeteries?

Casket and cremation interments are scheduled Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Saturday interments and those in the late afternoon are subject to additional charges.

Casket and cremation interments are performed year round.

There are no interments on any Sunday, December 25th + January 1st.

What types of monuments are permitted in the City of Timmins?

Monuments must be fabricated from granite or marble and all markers shall be fabricated of granite or shall consist of a bronze plate anchored in a concrete slab or granite foundation.

  • Timmins Memorial Cemetery - uprights, pillows or flat monuments. Only flat or pillow markers are permitted in the cremation sections.
  • Tisdale Cemetery - flat markers only
  • Whitney Cemetery - flat or pillow markers only.
  • Cemetery services must be paid in full before any monument or maker is installed.

Are there special guidelines for flowerbeds, shrubs and plant hangers?

Flowerbeds not exceeding 16” in width may be planted in front of the base of the monument or marker. The flowerbed must be surrounded by a border made of non-perishable material i.e. cement scallops or interlocking brick, no higher than 3’, and must be securely embedded in the ground. Flowerbeds are required to be cleared by Thanksgiving weekend.

Shrubs that will not grow to encroach on neighboring lots such as a Globe Cedar planted on either side of a monument is permissible.

One plant stand or hanging rod on a lot is permissible and that does not exceed five feet in height and is located immediately behind or adjacent to the monument or marker.

No shrubs, flowerbeds or trees of any kind are permissible in the cremation sections.

Vases, urns, flower holders, etc. must be contained inside the flowerbed or in receptacles attached to the monument or marker. Glass shall not be used in either summer or winter to hold or cover flowers.

Special Guidelines for the New Timmins Memorial Expansion - Section A1 and E1

The expansion plots have a continuous foundation. No markers or monuments are permitted in front of this foundation. Additionally, no planting of flowers, shrubs or lot adornments of any kind are permitted in front of the foundation. Any vases, flower holders etc. must be secured to the foundation or monument.

Can I purchase a cemetery lot in advance? Do I have to pay upfront?

The manager may permit a purchaser to finance a purchase interest free for one year from the date of the execution of the contract upon payment of an administration fee. If the purchaser does not pay the full purchase price within the one year of the signing of the contract, then the contract shall be of no further effect and all monies paid by the purchase shall be refunded, except those which have been applied to the Care and Maintenance Fund.

What does “lot holder interment rights” mean?

When Interment Rights are purchased, the purchaser does not have direct ownership, but an exclusive right of use for the purposes of burial. Interment rights automatically transfer to a spouse of the purchaser and then to blood heirs. Written burial authorization from the Interment Rights Holder is always required for any interments or monument installations. This burial authorization can also be completed as part of the pre-planning process and put into our database for the future.

What if I change my mind? What about refunds and exchanges?

Any burial space purchased may be exchanged so long as it is unused. Returns are made for the full original purchase price within 30 days of purchase.
The City of Timmins will not repurchase lot after the 30 day cooling. You may sell your lot to a third party but shall be in accordance with requirements of the cemetery bylaws.

Questions to consider

  • What cemetery are you most interested in?
  • Will it be a full casket burial, cremation burial or entombment?
  • Do you need a double or single lot, crypt or niche?

What is the process?

If you are interested in learning more about an Interment Rights Purchase, the next step is meeting with the Cemetery Manager who will review the options and costs with you at the Cemetery Services Department, located at 895 Pine Street South (705)360-2615.

For more information on our rules and regulations, please see By-Law 2015-76236

FOR MORE INFORMATION about cemetery services and standards, please contact the City of Timmins Cemetery Department. Mail or Write:

City of Timmins
Cemetery Department, 895 Pine Street South, Timmins, ON P4N 8S3
Telephone 705-360-2615
Email [email protected]