Pollinator-Friendly Habitats

Create your own pollinator-friendly garden! 

  • Choose a variety of flowering plants in groupings of 3-5 to attract pollinators.
  • Choose native plants, they are well acclimated to our growing conditions and require less care.
  • Choose to purchase pesticide-free plants and to garden in a pesticide-free way as much as possible.
  • Choose to put in at least 3 flowering plants to bloom in each season.

Check out Bee City Canada’s resources including the Plant A Pollinator Garden design.  

The Bee City Pollinator Team created the Northern Ontario Pollinator Garden Planting Guide (link to pdf) to improve the success of your pollinator-friendly gardens with a list of tried and true species for our area. 

Did you know that you can become a Seed Library member of the C.M. Shields Centennial Branch of the Timmins Public Library? For more information, please call 705-360-2623 x8590, email- [email protected] or visit their website

Pollinator Friendly Gardens


Bee City Timmins Pollinator-Friendly Pilots 

The City of Timmins is a proud Bee City and we are committed to creating healthy pollinator habitats. The Bee City Pollinator Team selected two pilot locations to transform city plots that were previously filled with one species of annuals to a pollinator-friendly habitat filled with a variety of species.


Location #1: The Timmins Public Library Pilot 




Location #2: The Michael JJ Doody Centre of Excellence