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What is the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA)?

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act applies to all local government organizations, including municipalities, school boards, public utilities, transit and police commissions, fire departments, conservation authorities, boards of health and other local boards. There are separate Acts that apply specifically to Provincial Ministries, agencies and Federal Government institutions.

MFIPPA came into effect January 1, 1991 and required municipal institutions to protect the privacy of an individual’s personal information existing in government records. The Act creates a privacy protection scheme, which the government must follow to protect an individual’s right to privacy. The scheme includes rules regarding the collection, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information in the custody and control of a municipal institution.

The Act also gave individuals the right to access municipal government information, including most general records and records containing their own personal information, subject to very specific and limited exemptions. As well, the Act provides individuals with the right to request a correction of their personal information, which they believe to be false or inaccurate and/or to attach a statement of disagreement to their records. An individual is also provided with the opportunity to request an independent review from the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario of the decisions made under MFIPPA by the head of an institution.

Each municipal organization is required to appoint a head, who is responsible for overseeing the administration of the legislation within the institution and for decisions made under the legislation. At the City of Timmins, the City Council has delegated the powers and duties of the head to the Mayor, who in turn delegated these responsibilities to the City Clerk.

The legislation also stipulates that an institution must provide the requester with the information and/or decision regarding their request within 30 calendar days from the date a complete request is received. On occasion, an institution may ask for an extension, if the request is for an extensive number of records and/or if an outside consultant needs to be contacted.

In keeping with the spirit of the legislation, the City of Timmins is committed to providing individuals with the right of access to information in its custody and control including most operational records as well as records containing their own personal information, where applicable. This process is called business as usual- and allows certain records to be disclosed, without having to make a formal request under the Act. Only under limited circumstances does the City require an individual to make a formal MFIPPA request.

Most of the City of Timmins records and information falls under the: 

Make a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request

Before you make a request, check the City of Timmins' website or City of Timmins Meeting Agendas and Minutes to see if the information you are requesting is already publicly available.

Complete a Freedom of Information (FOI) Access Request Form.

You must provide enough information about the records you wish to obtain, such as date ranges, property addresses, and file numbers. Staff will use the description you provide to guide their search for records.

The FOI process is not a question and answer forum. Records will not be created to respond to requests. You will only receive records that are responsive to your request. 

Submit your FOI Request and Fee

Ontario Regulation 823 sets out the fee schedule for the processing of FOI requests.

Application Fee: A $5.00 application fee for each request is mandatory, cannot be waived, and is nonrefundable. You will be required to submit a separate request and $5.00 application fee for each property address or different subject matter.

Search and Preparation Time: Requesters are charged $7.50 for every 15 minutes of municipal staff time to search, retrieve and prepare records. If computer programming is required to search, retrieve and prepare records, the charge is $15.00 for every 15 minutes.

Copies of Records: Requesters are charged for all copies. Copies cost $0.20 per page or $10.00 per USB. Large scale paper copies of maps/plans are charged at the rate established by our User Fee Bylaw.

*We reserve the right to refuse to process a request if any fees for a previous request remain outstanding*

The $5.00 application fee can be paid by: cash, debit, or cheque (made payable to the City of Timmins)

Mail or hand deliver your request to:

City of Timmins
Service Timmins
220 Algonquin Blvd. E.
Timmins, ON P4N 1B3

How long does it take to process an Access Request?

Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (‘MFIPPA’), the City of Timmins must make records available, deny access, or notify the requester of any delay within 30 calendar days of receiving a formal request with the required fee.

The City has the right to extend the time to respond to a request if the request involves a large number of records, requires an extensive search or involves information for which the City must obtain consent or representations from other parties. If the request involves a large number of records or requires an extensive search, a fee estimate may be provided to the requester and full payment must be received by the City prior to processing the request.

*Please be advised that the provisions of MFIPPA do not allow for requests to be expedited.*

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