Youth Engagement

Strategic Priority 3 is to develop a youth-focused community that improves well-being, inclusivity, resiliency, pride and success of all youth. Data from our local School Boards shows that significant numbers of youth in school deal with anxiety, bullying, and emotional regulation. 

A recent survey provided by the Youth Wellness Hub confirmed that youth are wanting more services in mental health, anti-racism education, and more opportunities for recreation (YWH, 2021). The goal of the CSWBP plan is to promote youth engagement and empowerment, so that youth are able to actively engage and positively influence their peers, school and community.


Lead Action Table:

The Youth Action Table aims to implement strategies such as programs and/or services to meet the identified needs of youth and the targeted outcomes identified in the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (the Plan). The Youth Action Table will be an open forum for youth to express their opinions and provide ideas to enhance the City of Timmins. The Youth Action Table will work towards creating a positive environment where youth in our community can feel empowered and use their voices to create meaningful change.


Table Composition:

  • Employee of the Municipality
  • Representative(s) of the education sector
  • Representative(s) of the health sector
  • Representative(s) of the community/social services sector
  • Representative(s) of an entity that provides custodial services to children/youth
  • Representatives(s) of the mental health sector
  • Representative(s) of the Ministry of Child and Youth Services


Targeted Outcomes:

  • Increase in youth feeling safe, connected, and supported in the community.
  • Increase in youth presence, engagement, and participation in community-wide decisions impacting youth.
  • Increase in opportunities for youth to reconnect with education and improve education outcomes.
  • Increase the positive profile of youth in Timmins.