Emergency Management Plan

An effective emergency response requires a Municipal Emergency Plan that mobilizes Municipal Emergency Services quickly and efficiently while fully integrating the use of all available public and private resources and capabilities.

It must also provide a high level of control to ensure the proper mixing and coordination of all response elements in a timely and efficient manner. It establishes the arrangements and procedures necessary for a prompt response to an emergency within the framework of existing Service Emergency Response Plans.

The Municipal Emergency Plan also identifies and develops the mechanisms and arrangements necessary for the recovery from an emergency and the reduction of future risks.

The Plan is prepared to provide key officials, agencies and departments with a general guideline to the initial response to an emergency and an overview of everyone’s responsibilities during an emergency. In order to have an effective plan everyone must be aware of the plan’s provisions as well as his or her assigned functions and responsibilities.

As well, The Municipal Emergency Plan encourages the development of individual Service Emergency Response Plans, the continued review and planning for various emergencies and the training of those who may be involved in a response.

Download the Municipal Emergency Plan PDF File– updated in 2019