Hall Tours and Special Events

Tour of the Hall

When touring the Timmins Fire Department, your group will have the opportunity to tour the fire trucks, and get a glimpse into the life of a firefighter. The firefighters will also give a short fire safety talk to the group.

To schedule a tour of the hall, please call (705) 360-2626. Or email your request to [email protected].

Things to remember when planning your visit:

  • Ages of the children – If you are at the hall when a call comes in, the children must be moved against the wall as quickly as possible in order to ensure a fast response time by our firefighters. This can be a very loud process, including sirens and speakerphones. Please ensure that the children are aware of the possibility of this happening.

  • Adequate supervision – Please ensure at least 1 adult per 5 children. As stated above, should a call come in, our men must leave immediately, and need you, the caretaker, to move the children away from the vehicles.


Invite us to your event!

  • We will give a fire safety talk

  • We will set up a booth with fire safety tips

  • We can demonstrate the use of the extrication tools

  • You may even catch a glimpse of Sparky!