By-Law Enforcement

What is a by-law?

By-laws are laws made by a municipality in accordance with municipal legislation. By-Laws are passed to ensure public safety; eliminate public nuisances; define minimum standards for property maintenance and animal control; and, to regulate licensing and permits. 

How is a by-law passed?

City Council follows proper procedures for passing a by-law to ensure that the process is transparent. By-laws must be read at two council meetings that are open to the public, and occur on separate days. The by-law must be approved by the majority of Council and passed by formal resolution.

Submitting a by-law complaint:

By-Law complaints are submitted to Service Timmins. Residents can submit a complaint about:

- Property standards
- Snow removal
- Yard issues
- Noise
- Complaints about a business
- Fences and hedges
- Animals
- Illegal dumping

Click HERE to Submit a by-law complaint