Encampment Outreach and Response

The City of Timmins has a protocol in place to manage encampments on public property. The protocol provides guidance for City staff and partnering agencies on the response and removal of encampments, including relevant by-laws, resources, and available community supports.

The City of Timmins is committed to ensuring that people experiencing homelessness receive the support they need, while at the same time ensuring public spaces remain safe and accessible to all residents.

An encampment site is only scheduled to be cleared once everyone at the location has been offered safe and appropriate indoor shelter and notice has been provided to collect personal belongings.

The City’s encampment response focuses on ensuring the safety of those living in encampments and on neighbouring properties; the collaboration of Community Partners to provide essential supports; and, finding opportunities to build relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. 

City of Timmins - Response to Encampments - Encampment Protocol

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

The City's encampment response ties into two of the five pillars of the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (The Plan);

  • Improve safety and belongingness of all residents
  • Unified and innovative approach to end homelessness

The Plan aims to create community conditions where;

  • Everyone has a sense of belonging;
  • Everyone has access to services; and
  • Individuals can meet their needs for health care, food, income and housing.