Water main Lining

Water main Lining

Project Details:

Water main LiningThe 2019 watermain contract will include the lining on Gatineau Blvd and Denise Blvd. Gatineau Blvd will have approximately 945m of 150mm watermain lined and Denise Blvd will have approximately 230m of 150mm watermain and 770m of 250mm watermain lined.

Location: Gatineau Blvd (Camille St. to Joseph St.) & Denise St. (Westmount Blvd to Lonergan Blvd)

Value: $2, 428, 989.00

Contractor: Fer-Pal Construction

Completion: 2019

Status: Awarded

Project Manager: Christina Millions

On-Site Inspector: Scott Collin

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (705)360-2600 ext. 5030