Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 (FLTCA)

The Golden Manor website has been updated to ensure compliance with the new Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 (FLTCA) and its general regulation.

272. (1) Every licensee of a long-term care home shall ensure that they have a website that is open to the public and includes at a minimum,

(a) the physical address of the long-term care home;

(b) the approximate number of licensed beds at the home;

(c) direct contact information, including a telephone number and email address that are monitored regularly for,

(i) the licensee or a senior officer of the licensee or, in the case of a municipal home or a First Nations home approved under Part IX of the Act, a person who is on the committee of management,

(ii) the Administrator,

(iii) the Director of Nursing and Personal Care, and

(iv) all infection prevention and control leads for the home;

(d) the Ministry’s toll-free telephone number for making complaints about homes;

(e) the current annual report required under subsection 168 (1);

(f) the current version of the emergency plans for the home as provided for in section 269; and

(g) the current version of the visitor policy made under section 268.


Golden Manor Home for Aged
481 Melrose Blvd
Timmins, ON
P4N 5H3
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-360-2644

The Golden Manor Home for the Aged is a 177-bed Municipal Long-term care facility which provides permanent residency and offers one short term respite care bed. At the Golden Manor, all residents are supported to maintain a meaningful and continued relationship with their families, other residents and the community. A variety of activities form the basis for an active and balanced life within a supportive and safe environment.

Contact Information
Lia Fontana
705-360-2644 ext. 4502
[email protected]

Director of Care
Julie Mavrinac-Nikoruk
705-360-2644 ext. 4516
[email protected]

Assistant Director of Care
Alison Stewart
705-360-2644 ext. 4515
[email protected]

Infection Control Coordinator
Tiffany Rock
705-260-2644 ext. 4540
[email protected]

Committee of Management Chair
Mayor Michelle Boileau

Continuous Quality Improvement -2023-2024

Current Annual Report

Emergency Plans

Disaster Emergency Procedures - July, 2022

Zero Tolerance Abuse and Neglect Policy



Report an urgent complaint: Call the Long-Term Care Family Support and Action Line: toll-free 1-866-434-0144

  • Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m., 7 days a week

For non-urgent complaints, please visit the Ministry of Long-Term Care website:

Report your concern directly to the home

  • Start by addressing your complaint or concern with the team leader (RPN) on the resident’s floor. The team leader (RPN) will:
    • Listen, empathize and apologize
    • Address the problem if it is within their ability to do so
  • If the team leader (RPN) is unable to resolve your complaint or concern they will:
    • Ensure the charge RN or appropriate supervisor/registered staff is informed.
    • The appropriate supervisor/registered staff will follow-up with you on the next business day
  • The appropriate supervisor must investigate the complaint or concern and take appropriate action depending on the nature of the complaint, which may include:
    • Verbally discuss with the resident/family member face-to-face or by telephone
    • Meet with involved disciplines to develop a written action plan
    • Set up a team and resident/family meeting to resolve the concern
    • Bring the complaint to Resident Council, Family Council for input into a solution to non-resident health specific issues

Complaints, Concerns, Compliments, and Recommendations Policy

Guide to Submitting Feedback