Rules for Election Signs

Election signs used to promote candidates or parties in federal, provincial or municipal elections are subject to rules outlined by the Canada Elections Act and/or Elections Ontario and the local municipality. In Timmins, By-law 2012-7223 regulates signs and other advertising devices within the City of Timmins, including election signs.

Before a candidate can erect, locate, or display an election sign on City property, they are required to register with the City of Timmins and provide a deposit of $200. The by-law ensures the timing of display and proper placement of election signage. Furthermore, City Enforcement Services can remove any election sign not in compliance with By-law 2012-7223 without notice.

Candidates register with Service Timmins. 

For more information contact Service Timmins:

By Phone: 705-264-1331
Email: [email protected]

Election Sign Deposit Form