Street Cleaning and Roadside Maintenance

Street Sweeping

Each spring, streets are swept to remove winter sand and debris build-up. This usually starts in late April continuing into the months of May and June, with weekly schedules posted here (see bottom of this page). Ongoing street sweeping is carried out in summer and fall as required. Minimum water is used during street sweeping to reduce airborne dust.

Sweeping operations take several weeks to complete. Weather conditions and mechanical issues play a major role in how quickly Public Works can finish street sweeping. Heavy rain and subzero temperatures will halt operations.

Public Works carries out daytime and nighttime street sweeping efforts. Yellow No Parking signs will be posted to notify that Spring Maintenance will be taking place for daytime operations. Vehicles not complying with these No Parking signs will be ticketed and towed to allow for Street Sweeping crews to advance.

Priority Sequence for Street Sweeping Operations:

During the day, street sweeping is never done in an area where waste pick-up and sanitation is taking place. Day operations focus on both high density (older sections of the city, one-way and narrow streets) and low density residential areas. Night operations focus on highway sections, high density commercial areas, and main arterial routes.

Roadside Ditch Maintenance

A roadside ditch maintenance program is carried out each year to improve or reinstate drainage. Culverts are repaired as required. New entrances to private properties have to be approved by the City Engineer, and when a culvert is required it is the responsibility of the home owner to install. A street occupancy permit is required along with an entrance permit from Public Works Department which will outline the culvert size, materiel and the appropriate end treatments that is required. Once the entrance is complete the home owner is required to contact Public Works for a final inspection.

Rural Road Side Grass Cutting and Brushing

Once a year in rural areas the Public Works Departments employs the services of a contractor to cut grass and light brush up to 1.8 m wide along the side of the roadway. This is usually done in the month of August. A limited roadside brushing program is also carried out each year to clear brush encroachment and improve visibility.

Street/Road Operations - Schedules and Updates

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Minimum Maintenance Standards

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