Snow Removal

The Public Works Department carries out a program of snow removal on city streets based on priority. Roads are prioritized by volume of traffic and use, whether on-street parking is required in the winter, the width of roads, transit routes, and school zones. It takes City crews approximately 6 weeks to remove snow through out the city depending on weather and snow accumulation. Each city roadway has snow removed at least once per season.

Snow removal becomes necessary when the road snow storage area (roadside boulevard) is at capacity and before sight lines become compromised. The Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) of Ontario outlines that roadways are in compliance when the snow has been plowed and a total width of five meters is provided on a class 4 and 5 roadway with two lanes. For a Class 1-3 roadway, the MMS outlines a minimum lane width of the lesser of three meters or the actual lane width must be maintained. Snow removal also helps reduce the cost of spring clean up by removing sand content in accumulated snow and reduces of spring flooding on city streets.

The City of Timmins Snow By-law 1993-4162 provides guidelines for clearing snow from your property. Snow must never be placed onto the street or sidewalk. Moving snow from your driveway onto the sidewalk or street can create various safety hazards, obstruct pedestrian traffic, or obstruct the view of drivers. Even a small amount of snow left on a sidewalk can cause accessibility issues for some our residents.

Use of City Snow Dumps

The City of Timmins operates several snow dumps, located in various areas of the City. During the winter months, snow removed from the streets are dumped at these locations. Certain snow dumps can be used by the public, provided they obey the rules and guidelines of the snow dump.

Residents: Residents can use the Spruce Snow Dump free of charge when using a half ton truck and trailer only (anything larger will require a permit).

Contractors: Contractors must fill out the annual application and permit for snow dump usage and take the completed form to Service Timmins at City Hall to make payment. Payment will only be accepted as cash, cheque or debit. Contractors depositing snow at a designated snow disposal site without a permit will be levied the cost of the annual permit plus an administration fee charge equal to the value of the permit being issued.

Application and Permit for Snow Dump Usage

Vehicle Type                  2022

Dump Trailers                  $325

Single Axle Truck            $1,050

Tandem Truck                 $1,600

Triaxle Truck                     $2,000

Semi-Truck                       $2,500

For more information please contact Service Timmins at 705-264-1331 or visit our Service Timmins Portal