Guidelines to Residential Burning


  1. Fires must be contained in a device approved by the Timmins Fire Department. Most purchased fire bowls and fire pits are approved devices providing they are covered with a screen to prevent the escape of sparks and ashes.

    If burning in a ground pit, then the pit can be no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet with some type of screen above the fire preventing the escape of combustible solids such as sparks and ash.

  2. Approved devices for fire pits must be at least 10 feet from adjacent properties in all directions.

  3. Some type of firefighting equipment should be available, i.e. garden hose, water pail, portable fire extinguisher, etc.

  4. Never leave the fire unattended and extinguish fire completely when retiring for the night.

  5. Open air burnings are not permitted when wind speed exceeds 15 kilometers per hour.

  6. Burn time starts at 7:00pm with permission to burn no later than 12:00am (midnight).

  7. Burn only clean wood.

NO petroleum products, plastics, rubber, garbage, treated wood, plywood, wafer/particleboard, etc.

  1. Have consideration for your neighbors and watch wind and smoke direction. Upon a complaint, your permit can be revoked at any time by: The Timmins Fire Department, The Timmins Police Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Environment or any government agency having jurisdiction.  

  2. There are no permits valid to burn grass.

Exceptions - Barbeques: Permission is not required for the use of a barbeque to cook food. Barbeques being used to cook food shall be attended controlled and supervised at all times. The only approved fuels for use in barbeques are commercially produced fuels specifically for the purpose of cooking.