Hazardous Materials

Many everyday products contain hazardous ingredients. If you decide to discard these products, they become household hazardous wastes requiring proper disposal.

Some examples of Household Hazardous Waste can be: batteries, motor oil, paint, old propane tanks, etc.


  • Allow paint to harden, once harden it may be disposed at the Deloro Landfill.
  • The Deloro Landfill cannot accept liquid waste only solid waste.
  • Bring your paint to the household hazardous and special waste event.  Check the Hazardous Waste Day page for more information

Old Propane Tanks

  • Old propane tanks along with other white goods (i.e. fridges and stoves) can be disposed of at any local scrap metal dealer.  Always  call ahead to find out what they accept.


  • The City of Timmins currently has a program which allows residents to recycle batteries. This includes cell phones and accessories, laptop batteries, power tool batteries, etc.
  • Automotive batteries may be disposed of at any local scrap metal dealer.

Reusable and recyclable rechargeable batteries are used in cell phones, cordless power tools, laptops, camcorders, remote control toys, and more.

To dispose of batteries, take them to Service Timmins (220 Algonquin Blvd East)

Call (705)264-1331 or visit www.call2recycle.ca for other convenient sites.

The City of Timmins is continuously striving to provide residents with proper disposal service for Household Hazardous Waste through special designated days.

Disposal Instructions

Waste Oil Depot

The Waste Oil Disposal Depot is located at the Deloro Landfill.

Residents are allowed to dispose of 8 Litres of waste oil at the Deloro Landfill facility. Waste oil is to be brought and reported to the Deloro Landfill Gatehouse.

Please note that: All waste must be clearly labelled and in sealed containers. Reuseable containers will not be returned (i.e. plastic gas cans). Do not mix different products together.

For information on proper disposal of these items, please call (705) 264-1331 or email [email protected].