When will my household waste and recycling be collected?

Both household waste and recyclables will be collected on a weekly basis on the same day as your regularly scheduled collection day.

How will my household waste and recycling be collected?

Two bins - a grey one for household waste and a larger blue bin for recyclables - will be delivered to your home at no cost. One vehicle, using automated technology, will pick up and empty both bins. To see how the new system will work, see the video above.

What can I recycle?

Download the Recycling Guide.

Do I have to sort my recycling?

No. Sorting of recyclables is not necessary. However, do not tightly pack recyclables in the blue bin. Do cut down corrugated/card board down.

Do I have to rinse my recyclables?

Yes, all recyclables should be rinsed before being placed in the blue bin.

Do I have to remove the lid/cap or seal from my recyclables?

Yes, remove the lid and make sure the bottle/can is empty and clean.

Should I bag my recyclables?

No. Do not bag recycling products. Keep recyclables loose inside your recycling cart. When recyclables are put into bags they cannot be sorted properly and are usually thrown away.

Where do I place the bins?

Place bins at least two feet apart with the blue bin on the left side of the grey bin. Make sure both bins are two feet from the curb or gutter line and that the lids open towards the street. In the winter, place the bins in an open area at the end of your driveway.

What do I do if the bins are too heavy for me?

Bins should be tilted and wheeled to the curb, not carried.

Where do I place the bins if I have no driveway?

Place the bins in front of your home, closer to the street side.

Do I have to place both bins out at the same time?

Yes, if you have recyclables and waste.

What if I have no recyclables? Do I still have to place the blue bin at the curb?