Water Filtration

The water filtration plant is completely computerized and is operated and maintained 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

In case of power outage the plant is equipped with emergency diesel generators.

Water intake is from the Mattagami River and has a capacity to treat 54 500 cubic meters per day. Treated water is stored in three reservoirs at the plant, which have a capacity of 4500 cubic meters per reservoir.

  • Hollinger Park stand pipe has a capacity of 10 000 cubic meters
  • McLean Drive reservoir has a capacity of 10 000 cubic meters

Aluminum sulfate and secondary floc are used to remove colour and turbidity, hydrated lime is used for pH correction and chlorine is used for disinfection.

Water is tested 24 hrs/day for colour, turbidity, pH, and chlorine residue leaving the plant
Samples are collected from different parts of the City for Bacterial analysis three times per week. Twenty-five percent of the samples collected are sent to private labs, for testing of HPC weekly. Samples are collected quarterly from sources of supply/distribution and sent to private labs for chemical parameters Reports are sent to the Ministry of the Environment.

Commercial and Industrial buildings are on a meter system, and charged as per consumption.

Residents are charged on a flat rate basis semi-annually, according to the number of rooms in the residence.

The Timmins Water Filtration plant also pumps water into the Tisdale reservoir in South Porcupine. The reservoir has the capacity of 4500 cubic meters.