Tax and Water/Waste Water Collections

Property Taxes

Bills are issued twice a year with three due dates and must be mailed to property owners 21 days prior to the due date.

Interim Tax Bill

The “interim” tax bill is due in one installment with the due date being the last business day in February. The interim bill is based on 50% of the total amount of taxes levied on the property for the previous year.

Final Tax Bill

The “final” tax bill is mailed the first week of May and has two due dates, generally due by the last business day in May and the last business day in August. The final bill is based on the total property assessment value multiplied by the municipal and education tax rates. The municipal tax rate is calculated by the current year’s municipal budget, whereas the education rate is set by the Province.

For a list of frequently asked questions, please visit "Frequently Asked Tax Questions".


Water and Waste Water

Within the City there are two types of utility billing methods, the following are descriptions of each type:

Flat Rate Bill

Semi-annual “flat rate” bills are billed in January for the period of January to June, and in July for the period of July to December. Flat rate bills are based on the number of “livable” rooms in your home.

Metered Bill

Quarterly “metered” bills are billed every three months for the periods of January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December. Metered bills are based on the amount of water consumed during each billing period.


For a list of frequently asked questions, please visit "Frequently Asked Water/Waste Water Questions".


How to Read your Tax Bill

We've created a glossary of terms and definitions for items included on your Tax Bill, like what's included in Special Charges/Credits. Or, what your Roll No. is and where to find your municipal address. 

DOWNLOAD (available as a PDF to print)