Recycling and Waste Management System

Overview of the Recycling and Waste Management System

The system allows for one vehicle to pick up both household waste and recyclables at the same time in a split bodied vehicle. An automated arm lifts and empties the waste bin into the vehicle’s waste compartment.

The arm then lifts and empties the recycling bin into the recycling compartment.
At the landfill, the vehicle’s waste compartment is emptied first. Because sorting of recyclables is not necessary with the system, recycling is much easier. This means less waste in the landfill.

The vehicle then empties the recycling compartment into collection units that will be transported to a municipal recycling facility for sorting.

To see how the automated system works, view the video below:


Download the Automated Waste and Recycling Collection fact sheet.

Two Bins to a Greener Future

Each home will receive a grey bin for household waste and a blue bin for recyclables.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. On your regular weekly waste collection day, take both grey waste and blue recycling bins to the curb.

2. Take the blue recycling bin to the curb and place it on the left of the grey bin.

3. Make sure to leave at least two feet between the bins.

4. Make sure to leave at least three feet between the bin and any obstruction.

5. Make sure lids open towards the street.

6. Place all acceptable recyclables in the blue bin. Do not pack recyclables tightly in the
blue bin. Cut down corrugated and cardboard before placing in the blue bin. Refer to the Recycling Guide provided with your blue bin.


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