Fire Permits

Fire Permit
Making it Easier to Purchase Burn Permits!

Service Timmins agents are looking forward to taking on this new task and providing residents with a one stop shop!

Permits will be available for purchase Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.  For more information contact Service Timmins 705-264-1331.

 Timmins, ON – The Timmins Fire Department will be transferring the sale of Fire Permits to Service Timmins effective March 1, 2021.

 Residents will now be directed to Service Timmins, located at City Hall, to purchase  their annual Burn Permits. All permits will be issued directly by the agents at Service Timmins. Residents and business owners will be able to obtain one, two or three year chimenea, bush pile, industrial and campground permits at one location with the added convenience to by debit. Permits will no longer be available for purchase at the Fire Department.

 In order to continue providing the best in Fire Prevention Services, brush pile (windrow), industrial and campground permits will require an inspection and approval by the Fire Department prior to a purchased permit being valid.

 Tenants wanting to obtain a permit will require a signed Landlord Permission to Burn Statement. Residents will be required to follow the guidelines noted within the permit. Guidelines for burning and Landlord Permission Statements will be posted on the Timmins Fire Departments municipal website in the upcoming days.

FAQ's about Fire Permits

Do I have to own the property?

Yes. If you do not own the property on which you wish to burn, you must have your landlord complete a Landlord Permission Statement. This form can be obtained by the following downloading PermissiontoBurn.pdf

Is my fire pit approved?

A covered pit bought from a retailer such as Canadian Tire or Home Depot is an approved fire pit (Chimenea). *FIRE PITS MUST NEVER BE SET UP ON A WOODEN DECK OR PATIO*. Any homemade or makeshift pits must be inspected prior to the issue of the permit.

What can I burn?

Only clean wood, such as small logs and twigs may be burned. YOU CAN NOT BURN: Garbage, grass, pressure treated, wood, leaves, leaves, screws, other metal, plastic or accelerant (i.e. gasoline, lighter fluid).  A residential fire permit does not permit you to burn your lawn at any time.

What times can I burn?

Burning is permitted between the hours of 7pm and 12am (midnight).  For Residential, it is recommended that you limit burning to weekends.

What happens if my neighbour complains?

Burning in built-up areas (determined by the fire department) is a privilege.  Please respect your neighbours and follow all guidelines and recommendations noted on your permit.

If your neighbour has a complaint (i.e. Smoke blowing in through windows, health concerns, etc.) we ask that you please be courteous and put out the fire. Should a complaint come in to the Fire Department we will investigate, and if it is deemed necessary we will revoke the permit.