Bee City Timmins

Bee City Declaration Certificate

Bee City Timmins’ Mission Statement

The City of Timmins is committed to improving the health and sustainability of our community. The health and habitat of our local pollinators is of utmost importance for our ecology and one which we are excited to support in the years to come. Obtaining the status of Bee City will support and strengthen our commitment to educate, celebrate and improve pollinator habitats. 

Bee City Pollinator Team 

The Bee City Pollinator Team executes the bee city commitments and strives to improve the health and habitat of our local pollinators and thereby improve the sustainability of our community.

The Bee City Pollinator Team is made up of a variety of members across the community including representation from a variety of City of Timmins departments, horticultural societies, mining companies, master gardener, conservation authority, edible landscape company and public members. It is a diverse group of experts that are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated. Most, if not all of these members are already doing amazing work to improve pollinator-friendly habitats throughout our community. As a Bee City, we have the opportunity to bring together all of these groups. 

Bee City Commitments

As a Bee City, there are three main commitments that we strive to achieve throughout our community:

CREATE healthy pollinator habitats

EDUCATE the public about the importance of pollinators

COMMIT to celebrate pollinators annually