Enforcement Services, By-Law and Parking

 2022 Parking Permit Rates

2022 Parking Permit Rates in accordance with  City of Timmins By-Law 2020-8488 are as follows:  

  • 30 Day General Permit: $55.00 + HST = $62.15 
  • 90 Day General Permit:  $165.00 + HST = $186.45  
  • 180 Day General Permit: $330.00 + HST = $372.90   
  • 365 Day (Yearly) - General Permit:  $660.00 + HST =  $745.80   

 Valid in the following municipal lots: Spruce N Lot, Algonquin Lot (designated areas only), Third Ave Lot, Pine South Lot, Library Lot, and Coalition Lot.

  • Knox Lot Yearly Permit:  $240.00 + HST = $271.20.

Valid exclusively in the Knox Parking Lot, from January through December of each calendar year.  

  • Senior 30-Day Permit: $15.00 + HST = $16.95 per month. 
  • Senior 90-Day Permit:  $45.00 + HST = $50.85 per month.
  • Senior 180-Day Permit: $90.00 + HST = $101.70 per month.

Permits may be purchased in-person at Service Timmins.  A valid membership to the Timmins Senior Center must be presented at time of purchase. Valid exclusively in either the Library or Coalition parking lots.

Parking Permits issued through the City of Timmins are not valid for on-street parking at any time, nor overnight parking in the municipal parking lots. 



Provincial Offences Act - Part II

As of April 9, 2021 the many of the city's Regulate Traffic By Law 1983-2004 set fines have increased. As well, the voluntary payment option available only if paid within three (3) days of the offence.

For a summary of changes click 1983-2004 Regulate Traffic Set Fines


Enforcement Services Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

All requests for By-Law Enforcement service are now handled through Service Timmins.  Please call 705-264-1331 or  Click here to submit an online service request if you have any questions regarding Enforcement Services.

The City of Timmins Enforcement Services Division is responsible for By-Law enforcement throughout the City of Timmins. The Enforcement Services Division investigates complaints in respect to our municipality’s by-laws including parking, property standards, zoning, snow, fences, noise and most other regulatory by-laws. Staff provide both, proactive and reactive service levels, to the general public by investigating complaints, and responding to the concerns of residents who have contacted the City regarding specific issues and, as necessary, patrolling the City to ensure general compliance of City By-Laws.

Often working closely with the Enforcement Services Division of the City of Timmins, PADS K-9 Protection and Detection Service is contracted to address all complaints respecting animals and to perform general animal control functions.

The City of Timmins parking control department is focused on streamlining parking ticket paying and parking permit purchasing in an effort to make these processes easier, faster, and more convenient for the busy lives we know our residents lead.

“Passport” parking system accomplishes this with a few simple taps on your personal computer or device.

The convenience of online is available for the paying of a parking ticket, and/or purchasing a monthly parking permit, seven days a week, 24-hours a day!   No more need to race around on your lunch hour, or before work to get these tasks done. We invite you to check out the link and get started today!

Regulatory By-Laws

By-Law Complaint