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Timmins Recreation Online is now available. Our online service provides access to the City’s recreation programming (swimming and dog training), ice rentals, facility bookings, and more. 

Click the button below to create your personal account. You can create an Individual account for yourself, or a Family Member account if you are the billing contact for your family, with multiple members being registered for programs or classes. 

DO NOT create an account for an organization, hockey association, or sports team. You will continue to book through Service Timmins or with your Facilities and Recreation contact. 

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The City of Timmins Facilities & Recreation Department delivers a diverse range of high quality recreational programs and services for all residents and visitors. A variety of recreational activities exist in the community thanks to the natural environment, like our trail system for walking, hiking, or biking. 

In addition, the Facilities & Recreation Department manages various arenas and community centres, which offer swimming, skating, and facility rentals for professional and social gatherings. 

For full details of our Recreation Services, Program Policies and Guidelines see: Recreation Policies & Guidelines

Our Goals

The Facilities and Recreation Department strives to ensure our recreational opportunities are accessible to all residents and visitors in order to contribute to a healthy community and improved quality of life. Our goals are:

  • To promote the value of recreation and a healthy lifestyle to the community.
  • To actively eliminate barriers to participation in recreation activities. Barriers can be related to physical access, income, geography and awareness.
  • To act as an advocate for community groups and residents restricted from participating in recreation services and assist them, where possible, in their efforts to participate in a full range of opportunities.
  • To promote partnerships with other public and private agencies to maximize the personal, social, economic and environmental benefits of recreation and leisure.
  • To establish an acceptable community standard of service for the provision of parks and open space, facilities and programs and maintain the recreation system to that standard in a cost efficient manner.
  • To develop and protect our parks and open spaces while promoting environmental stewardship, protection and conservation.
  • To assess the needs of the recreation consumer and continually monitor and evaluate services.
  • To work with the community to facilitate the development of creation programs and activities and provide the community with opportunities to be involved in the ongoing direction and development of recreation services in Timmins.
  • To maximize opportunities for economic growth and tourism development.

Contact Service Timmins for more information on available parks and recreation services:

Phone: (705) 264-1331

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